PVC? Yes! PVCTheatre! Project Victory Cosplay Theatre!

Costume play, where a person dresses in costume to portray a certain character.

"Play" as in to be in a play at a theater. The people in PVC are made up of cosplayers

who started cosplaying either solo, or in a group.members from Anime Fortress Cosplay,

performing since 2002, joined in helping Goddess Academy complete their show in 2003.

Eventually groups AFC and GAC merged along with some of our soloist cosplayers to

perform in 2004. The performers the following year in 2005 lent a generous hand in

helping a cosplayer's dream in Cosplay Oneesan. After a hard vigerous year, the players

returned home deciding to form as a whole reconizing their goals and what it meant to

cosplay. Spending about 2 hours on a dance floor, spilling cake, eating sandwiches and

laughing until we were ready to fall over, we merged all of our ideas and came up with

Project =Musical & literal/Victory= positive genki attitude/Cosplay= What we do/ Theatre=actors/performers on stage. PVC- More like PVC Vinyl fabric- Fun,

Shiney and a challenge to sew ^_^

We are made of many things. All together we can be anything!