• Birthday: 08/15
  • Eyes: Swiss chocolate Brown
  • Hair: Choco brown.
  • Favorite Dirty Pair (the original!), Urusei Yatsura, Lain, Ghost In The Shell, SuperGals, whatever we're doing that year for masq. It's good to be reminded of all the fun stuff out there. :D
  • Music: industrial, goth, EBM, house, ambient, trance.
  • First Cosplay: Something Dr Who-related from the Tom Baker era. It's been forever!
  • Activly Cosplaying since: sometime in the 80's
  • Cosplaylab/Cosplay.com: Neko Wafer
Neko Wafer has been cosplaying all her life, as well as sewing/knitting/crocheting her own costumes since the seventh grade. She first got the costume bug as a kid when she attended her local children's theatre summer stock. Neko Wafer quickly discovered where her true interest lay when she found herself more in the costume shop than actually on stage. That interest has guided her all her life, taking her to design school and later a seven-year stint at Ballet San Jose's costume shop. Neko Wafer is also a member of the National Civil War Association, builds hats and corsets for American Civil War reenactment when not jumping around on stage, and is Director-at-Large for Costumer's Guild West.
"Team spirit is essential in any group, whether just starting out in mom's garage or doing that final world tour. Everyone has something to offer - it's up to the members to realize and embrace that. Go Team Venture!"