• Birthday: 11/04
  • Eyes: Chocolate Brown
  • Hair: Very Long Medium Brown
  • Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Appleseed, Kaleido Star, Ghost in the Shell, TRC... list goes on.
  • Music: techno, eurobeat, classical, jazz.
  • First Cosplay 2006: Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)
  • * Actively Cosplaying since: Late 2006
LauraC considers cosplay an outlet for creativity of all sorts. She tends to cosplay characters she loves or can relate to. LauraC has always loved the stage. When she was small and until her late teen years, she participated in a variety of violin competitions. Her favorite part of cosplay is that one can utilize and incorporate a variety of different ‘crafty’ skills like beading, knitting, metal work, and makeup artistry. Currently, she is finishing up her Master’s of Public Administration.
“Remember to always have fun.”