• Birthday: 03/04
  • Eyes: Almond Brown
  • Hair: Black as Night
  • Favorite Anime: Baccano!, Lupin the 3rd, Azumanga Daioh, NOIR, Giant Robo
  • Music: Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, The Beatles
  • First Cosplay 2000: City Hunter
  • * Actively Cosplaying since: 2000
  • Traveling Valentine
K Valentine took up cosplay in 2000 due to a coin toss. Had it landed tails, he would have attempted fan art. A grizzled convention vet, just when he thinks he's out... something like a chance to work with PVC pulls him back in. K is primarily a convention reporter/photographer so his costumes tend to be simpler to avoid hindering his movement during coverage. He generally cosplays characters who carry a gun, are womanizers, or are charming jerks who get the job done to match his convention persona. His favorite costume that embodies all three elements is Lupin the 3rd. K is also a method actor that adds versatility to his cosplay.
"If there is a role I need to fill," he muses while sipping his tea, "I'm always ready to fill it."-T.V.