• Birthday: 05/21
  • Eyes: Green Hazel
  • Hair: Chestnut Brown
  • Favorite Anime: Wallflower
  • Music: Alternitive!
  • First Cosplay 2002: Nuriko
  • Actively Cosplaying since: 2002
  • Cosplaylab: Coming soon
Helliebee loves cosplaying and everything to do with anime and manga. Being with her friends and working hard making costumes and practicing routines have been some of her best times. She hopes one day to write her own fiction but until then she enjoys reading Wallflower, Vampire Knights, and Fruits Basket.
In real life she works in a psychology lab and studies the effects of aging on memory and emotion.
"While not widely accepted the school uniform is the most versatile of all outfits. Basic, simple, and classic it is a mascot of femininity and grace. Whether you're going to class, fighting mutated space aliens, or traveling to an alternate timeline, make the right choice, pick up your fuku"